image15Welcome to Leconfield Kennels and Cattery

We provide a friendly and caring environment for our guests and aim to make them as comfortable as possible during their holiday with us.

All Kennels are thoroughly cleaned at least once a day, more often if necessary, using a ‘virucidal’ disinfectant. We provide beds and bedding for our guests and change it as often as necessary.

Cat pens are cleaned thoroughly at least once a day and litter trays changed and washed as often as necessary.

When a kennel or cat pen is vacated it is thoroughly cleaned, including walls, bed, bedding and bowls. The area is then ‘mist’ sprayed with virucidal disinfectant to ensure that the area is free from airborne viruses and bacteria. We ensure that our guests are kept warm in cold weather by heating the kennels and cattery. In addition to general heat our guests have either a heat lamp or a heat pad to give localised heating.

Our guests are fed in accordance with your instructions and all bowls and dishes are put through our dishwasher to ensure first class hygiene. We provide food for our guests but if they have special dietary needs we ask you to provide this.

Health & Safety

We ensure that all our guests are vaccinated against the usual diseases for which annual booster injections are given, it is now a requirement that boarding dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough.

The licensing regulations state that we must have the vaccination records for each animal on site for all the time that they stay with us. If an animal does not have the required documentation when brought in we regret that we are unable to accept it as a boarder. Dogs need to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough. If a guest is currently taking medication we will administer it as prescribed and should a guest become ill or injured we will take it to YOUR VET at YOUR EXPENSE.